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I've been pretty busy with school lately so I haven't made as much time for my stories. So I wanted to know what you wanted me to post if any. 

4 deviants said Creative Writing assignments, They are still stories even if they are assigned!
4 deviants said English Composition assignments as well, all your work is worth looking at!
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Name: Garth (Usually uses his stage name of Rofileus)

Age: 19

Weight: 175

Height: 5’8”

Appearance: He has a medium build and a muscular body. He has a brown skin tone, short black hair, black eyes and he tends to wear flashy clothing that makes people look at him.

Favorite color: Bright gold.

Personality: Flashy, cocky, good humored and good natured.

Bio: He is a showman who is quick with a smile or a joke. Garth travels the countryside putting on shows for money using magical artifacts he made. He was born with the ability, but only recently realized it was more his innate magical ability than the artifact making things happen in the last couple years. He still uses artifacts that he keeps with him though because without some kind of item to funnel his energy through the results are unpredictable and often times dangerous for him. Even with artifacts sometimes the results of his magic are unpredictable. He tries to be poetic and it ends up a mixed bag, sometimes it’s cheesy and sometimes it’s touching.

History: He accidentally killed adoptive mother when he was 10. He continued to live in the home she died in until he was 16. At that time he met a young woman who had run away from home. She helped him through the guilt so he didn’t punish himself anymore as well as helped him to figure out that he was magical and that it wasn’t just the artifacts that he was using. He left his home with her, but eventually she left Garth. She never told him why and it still bothers him to this day. He just woke up and she wasn’t there anymore. She was a princess and he always thought it must have had something to do with that, but he never knew for sure. He found that he enjoyed traveling around the country and continued to do it. He keeps a book that automatically tracks the important moments of his life as if he was the character inside of it. He’s greatly disturbed by it, but it was left to him by his mother and on a few occasions has saved his life so he keeps it with his stuff at all times. He also loves to sleep in hammocks and tries to always carry one with him.

Artifacts he owns (So far): A magical book that tells the heroes past hidden inside a metal box with no hinges or locks, copper rings, a twin set of metal rods, a twin set of metal rods that is hollow in the middle and carved to look like a tornado, a silver wire the size of a pinky that spirals that is fitted to wrap around my characters arm and a steel staff a few inches taller than he is that has an open dragon mouth on the top.
People ask why you write. You always give the same sort of answers. You write because you enjoy it. That’s just what you say though. The reason you write is so much deeper than that. You write because you have something to say. You write because you have a creative spark that can’t be drowned, no matter how hard you try. You write because you need to, not because you want to. You want to be something, anything else. Being a writer is hard. It’s often times a poor man’s life. Few people make money as writers. You know this. That doesn’t stop you. If it did you wouldn’t be a writer. You’d be a consultant or an accountant, but you’re not. You’re a writer. You try to fight it, you really do. In the end you give in. You knew you were a writer since you were born. You were always the one with the imagination. When you were a kid you were dreaming of dragons when other kids were playing tag. You always could conjure up new and fascinating stories. They didn’t make sense at first but that didn’t stop you, did it? Nope, you just kept on going. You may not have known but you always had the mind for it. Writing is simply letting your imagination take on a form others can understand. You know this, those people don’t.
You bet those people thought you chose to be a writer when they asked. You didn’t and any other writer would know that. You think those people are fools. You try to capture them the next time you write. You laugh when you do. These people are two dimensional. How can you put in real people when real people are so cliché? You realize this and deepen their character. Yes, this character you can use. You do this with everything around you. The world is not good enough as it is. You can do better. You can make her more interesting. You can give her a better story. You will give her a better story. You commit your ideas to the written or typed word as it is these days.
You wonder if it was better in the old days, if writing was somehow more magical when you held a feather, not tapped on plastic keys. Still, you keep tapping. You need to get the idea out. It doesn’t need to be magical; it just needs to be out of your skull. It needs to stop hitting one side of your round head and then the other. You tap on the keys some more, you feel better. This is why you write. You write to relieve the pressure in your skull. The ideas order you to release them, so you do. You release them into the world. This is why you write. It can’t be explained in one sentence to a bored classmate. No, why you write is so much deeper than that. They shouldn’t have asked. You know they couldn’t have known any better though. Only other writers would understand where you’re coming from.
That reminds you. You also write for others to read. In the end part of you writes just to feel that satisfaction of touching another living soul with your words. There is a power there. You feel it every time you succeed. You know you love it. This feeling drives you to write better things, to prove to yourself you are a real writer.
Writing is a Physical Manifestation of Imagination
My bored musing reminded me of something I wrote a few years ago, but never posted to DA. I read it over and it's not too bad, so I figured I'd post it. I actually wrote this for a creative writing class, I used it for awhile to remind myself of why I write, but then I forgot about it. Now I wished I hadn't.
I am not a writer. A writer is fascinated with the written word in a way I’m not. They look up obscure words, they dig, claw and fight their way to perfecting the way words look on the page, fight to be read among thousands of their fellow peers. I did think this was me for a while, it’s not. I can’t compete, or rather, I don’t want to. You can be a writer, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve realized that a writer can be a blogger, a journalist, even a man writing his shopping list is, at that moment, a writer. He is a writer that has only achieved chronicling his future purchases, but he is still a writer. No, that’s too broad a term for me. I don’t just write and I don’t write just anything that pops into my head either. My writing is a medium, a canvas if you will. I use this canvas because it does something no other medium can do in any kind of permanent way, it tells a story. Yes, that’s right, sigh, roll your eyes, but there’s a difference. The main one being, if I was born thousands of years ago before the written word was born, I’d still be telling stories and many writers wouldn’t be. I’d go up to every person who would listen and I’d tell them all the stories I knew, all I could come up with and try to find out there’s, one person at a time. I can’t be stopped because you don’t read me, because you don’t believe me or even if the all technology vanished and no one could access anything anymore, because the writing is not what is important, the story is. I tell stories every day of my life, I infuse all the creativity into my words with every sentence, every word, every keystroke I make. I was born a storyteller and I’ll die a storyteller. That likely sounds silly to you, but it’s the truth, one I hold close to my heat.

I am not a writer, I am a storyteller.
Not A Writer
Some little thing I jotted down today. Figured it's short enough to be posted to DA.

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I halted when I heard a noise. It was just a rustle in the bushes at first and then he jumped out. He was malnourished and looked on the verge of death. I thought he looked crazed and ready to attack. I stood perfectly still, my eyes wandering over his greyish coloration and malformed shape. I reached my hand out and he snarled. I tore off a piece of bread from my pack, dropped it on the ground and took a step back. He slowly moved towards it and then snapped it up, backing away a step after doing so. I dropped another chunk and took a step back. He did the same as he had before. We played this game three times before he finally didn’t run away, just stayed where he ate the bread and stared at me. I smiled and he tried, it was crooked and strange, but I didn’t let mine falter, I wanted him to feel welcome with me. I kept leaving bread pieces, leading us both back to my house. When I ran out of bread I used jerky and he liked that so much just seeing it made him follow me.

After I got him inside I fed him better than I guessed he had in weeks and talked to him, making sure to keep my tone soft and my demeanor gentle. He smiled at me. After his meal I coaxed him into following me into a spare bedroom and showed him what the bed was. He laid down on it and passed out quickly.

Over the next few days it didn’t take much to get him from malnourished to healthy as an ox, he seemed to have an insatiable appetite, but I didn’t mind, he needed it. I talked with him for hours and slowly he started to talk back, little one word answers at first, but soon the conversations grew long enough I would have excuse myself, telling him I had other things I had to do. He would tug at my sleeve and say, “but what about me?” I smiled and told him the same thing every time “You will be here when I get back… I just don’t have the time right now, I’m sorry.”

Then I would leave him there, wanting more from me and me wanting it to give it to him, but knowing it would have to be later. When I did other things it wouldn’t be long until she popped up, that bitch. She tell me I shouldn’t ignore my guest, that he deserves my attention more than this. She would nag me and tell me I was being heartless. I would try to explain my reasons why, but she didn’t care, she just wanted me to go back, regardless of how important other things were. When I finally got back to my guest, sometimes he was napping and then she really became annoying. She would yell at me, telling me I should have done it earlier and that it was too late now and that my guest couldn’t do his part now.

Things went on like this, between my guest, myself and that bitch for some time. Eventually other guests tried to come to my home. I shook them off sometimes, telling them I only had enough room and focus for one right now… or at least that’s what I tell myself when I put my head down for the night, it helps me sleep, not thinking about what may have happened to them out there, alone… some nights I thought I thought I’d heard them scream… but it was the wind, the wind I tell myself, the wind…

Other times I’d give them a home for an evening… or two and then send them on their way. They would thank me, and head off, smiling and making something of themselves, showing the world what they are made of.

Until years later I went to get up from the table me and my guest were sitting at. I waited, but my guest didn’t say anything. I looked down at him with curiosity. “Well?” I said.

“Well, what?” He asked.

“Aren’t you going to ask me, what about you?” I said.

He chuckled and shook his head. “No, no I’m not. Because I know about me now. I’m as complete as I’m ever going to be.” He said.

My jaw dropped ever so slightly. “What does that mean then… for me and you?” I asked.

“You know what that means, you’ve always known what this would mean.” He looked up at me with a bright smile. I looked at him with sad eyes.

“But, you’ve been here so long. I’m not sure what to do without you. I can’t…” I closed my mouth and sigh.

“Yes, you can.” He said. I sigh.

“I’m going to miss you.” I said. He stands and smiles.

“I’m going to miss you two, but you’ve done all you can for me. I’m complete and you need to let me go into the world now.” He said. I open the front door.

“You… you’re right. Send me postcards, let me know where you are and how those around you are treating you.” I said. He smiled and nodded.

“Of course, take care and find another guest, you needed this as much as I did.” He said. I nod and promise to do so. He leaves and I look out the door at him.

He is gone and for the moment that bitch isn’t nagging me. I find myself smiling, and feeling a sense of satisfaction. My idea is a full-fledged story now and ready to give himself over to the world, for better or worse.

The Guest
This was inspired by a fellow writer, and friend, :iconclockchat: I read his story <da:thumb id="230980222">   and that inspired me to write this. It could be considered a sequel, but can work by itself as well I believe. I do incourage anyone to read his stories, they are pretty short so they won't take up much of your time, but he's great with the double entendre's and hidden meanings.


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 29, 2014, 9:51 PM
This is a journal is because I joined a group that deserves a little more attention. I like it because I believe it could cause more people to read and comment on others work (Something that happens far to infrequently for many artists.) I believe something that helps artists to grow is to know how their work is viewed from another person's perspective. With that in mind, let me post what the groups are ready for others to see.

:iconaccumulatethings: Founded by :iconsketchyrae:

Description : This group is about helping members achieve faves, comments and especially watches.
But to get them I have to actually gather tons of members first. ; v ;
It won't be "BETA" anymore once this group reached 500 members.

- Decline this invitation if you already have over 1,000 watchers
- If you think you're not ready.
- After joining, be sure to read the journal entry. c:

♠ This member will now be featured in the "Watch Me List" ♠

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